Monday, October 18, 2010


Goodmorning! October 18th, 2010

Start time: 8:45am (10 minutes late)

First thing we learn, FH is a lopsided bond!

On the topic of the midterm:

"First step is to stay calm.  You need to relax.  When you see the bird, you need to stay calm.  And if the bird makes you nervous, you need to wack it back.  Don't let the bird intimidate you!"

Now that its almost 9am, we're starting to get into some real stuff.

Ideal Gas Equation

[1] pV = nRT

p=pressure(atm or pascal)
n=# of moles
R=Gas Constant
T=absolute temp(kelvin)

[2] R = 0.082(L*atm)/(mol*K)
      = 8.34 J/(mol*K)

(1 pascal [Pa] = 1N/m^2)
(1atm = 760mmHg = 760torr)
(1atm = 101,325 Pa)


ProTip: Humans came from water, but no going back.  Humans can't breath water yo.

Video explains how scuba divers need to be cautious about coming back to the surface to quick, or Nitrogen will come out of solution and form bubbles in the blood (the bens).  It also explains the cure to this, which is slow depressurization.  Video also compares a divers lungs to a baloon in a pressure vessel.  Video procceeds to talk about how we've invented ways of protecting ourselves from pressure at lower depths, like submarines, and those hard shelled suits that deep sea divers wear.

Lots to do about chem yo!

End of movie time for the improved learnings of chemistazikstan.

Dalton's law of partial pressures

Ptot = Pa + Pb

where Pa is the pressure of gas a, and Pb is the pressure of gas b.

"Remember, for the midterm, stay calm, and allow the pressure in those brains to release!"

End of lecture, time is 9:08. (thats 12 minutes early, by the way)

Total time of class: 38 mintes, effective learning time of 23 minutes in an hour lecture! (probably less than that actually)