Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oct 27th lecture, this one is actually for today...

So, I fall asleep on my bus this morning, though only missed my stop by one stop, not too bad.  Get to this class, and what time is it?


In all the infinite knowledge and wisdom of our prof, something compelled him to show us a video explaining why hot pizza is hot.  Yeah.  Why do you burn your mouth when you bite HOT pizza?!

Well more specifically, it was why you burn the top of your mouth on the cheese before you burn your tongue on the crust... which has a little bit more legitemacy to the question...

Either way, turns out cheese has a higher heat capacity than crust, so it releases more energy when cooling than crust does, thus you burn from cheese faster than you burn from crust.

Of course, all I could think was... who the fuck spent the time to figgure out the specific heat and the heat capacity for cheese and pizza crust?

On to more informative stuff...


Has to do with the heat released or absorbed during reactions

delta E = q + w

E = internal energy
q = energy absorbed or released
w = work done on the system

delta H = q

H = heat

And apparently we've covered a lot of material so far, so class is over now... yay?

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