Saturday, November 6, 2010

November 3rd lecture

If you're wondering what happened to the november 1st lecture, you're not alone...  Halloween was preety sweet, don't remember much... good times.

Anyways, this is about time to get to the current lecture.  Today is quiz day, so everybody was panic completing the sample questions either last night or bright and early this morning, and turns out one of them was fucked up, so that's off the possibilities list.  Apparently a keener somewhere near the middle of the lecture hall did solve it using a different method... keener.



Prof. Houk is holding what could arguably be considered a molecule vagina.  In his other hand, is what you could arguably consider the molecular penis.  Penis goes in vagina.  It's a complex molecular interaction.  Whether or not the penis enters the vagina is based on the equation S = R ln W, where S is the Entropy, R is the gas constant, and W is the number of microstates.  Below this equation is a diagram that clearly demonstrates how the penis would be combined witht the vagina to create the complex.  The number of times he shoves the penis into the vagina and back out in the video is astounding...  Apparently theres even more ways to arrrange the penis and the vagina... is there a moleculasutra?

Midterm marks are apparently up, so I'll know how good or bad it's gone soon.

Quiz time, no more for now...


  1. lol dirty...
    Screw that equation, the only one you will ever need to know is dG = dH - TdS

  2. never heard science explained through sex, im sure if profs did this then students would pay more attention

  3. students would totally pay more attention. LOL

  4. lol, that's some funny test question...he should continue that theme for your whole course.

  5. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you